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One for the elephant

Posted in India, Internet with tags , , , , , , on May 8, 2008 by manuscrypts
आप ट्यूब says Google Translator when I asked for a translation to celebrate the launch of You Tube in India. This will give you the details including the content partners that has the likes of NDTV, Zoom, UTVi, Bindass etc. I’d written earlier about the other video sharing sites. This launch should be a huge blow to all of them unless they can really do some differentiation.
All this attention for India had already made me feel very globally wanted 🙂 and then I read this in the morning about Yahoo India launching a different kind of search – Glue. What is different? Lets try an example – Aamir Khan. Unlike say, a Google/Yahoo search which gives you links, and you can make it images or videos or blogs etc at a button click, what the new Yahoo Search does is give you not just the links, but also quick facts, videos, images, (boring?) Yahoo Answers , LastFM top tracks ( :p you didn’t expect those ). Interesting, don’t you think, even though it would be significant only for celeb entities and not for people like moi? Of course, Live Search does give some images, but this goes beyond that. And for now, i think, it happens only in India, and so we’re no longer glueless in search (okay, i shall refrain) 🙂
I had this sense of deja vu, which i thought was because of a blog platform experiences of a similar nature, but I was wrong. A bit of search in my Favourites pointed me to this. Not surprisingly, from yahoo themselves, and a while back. Okay, this one doesn’t throw up Radio (Yahoo Music? for international version), but hey, its got Wiki, and you can customise your search. Take it for a spin and see if you can discover more.
I have a suggestion, considering that you’re looking at search, and the world is going social, how about including one of my fave Yahoo acquisitions also in this new search page? Think about it, if i have searched for some stuff on our currently used example Aamir Khan, and if i found it interesting, I’d have bookmarked it. Of course, while privacy settings do exist, a lot of this kind of content would be public. Which means that the search might also throw up (through the links) some interesting but not so well known links about Aamir. In addition, Yahoo also gets some mileage for
But meanwhile, sigh, all this for the 9% broadband penetration. The elephant had better get a move on, if all this interest is to be sustained.
until next time, a search engine for soulsearching 😉


Posted in India, Internet with tags , , , on May 5, 2008 by manuscrypts

Just noticed the rediff homepage has had a small makeover. The Get Ahead section which used to be at the bottom of the top set of tabs, has now been promoted to one of the tabs. And the entire bottom space has been taken over by  iShare. And if I’m not mistaken , Q & A, Rediff’s version of Answers, has also been promoted.

The other thing i noticed is a ‘Compare Mobiles’ at the very top. But that did not impress me much because while it wasn’t just limited to mobiles, and included DVD players, microwaves and a host of other things including gaming consoles and automobiles, the interface is not as good as say, Compare India.

Meanwhile, had written earlier about how I thought Rediff was getting increasingly active in the video sharing segment. The change above also points to the same pattern, and the overall attention to user generated content. This assumes greater significance if you consider this story, which predicts a You Tube-India launch a couple of days from now. With rediff’s equity and reach in the Indian market, and You Tube’s cutting edge tech, this will be an interesting locking of horns, especially since YouTube is quite popular in India already.

And talk about coincidence, the banner that was playing at rediff when i was checking it out happen to be from an entity called MyPopkorn. According to their ‘About Us’ section, thay have professional content from television, movies etc and in genres like news, romance, comedy etc. Where do they fit in this new ecosystem of video sharing?

until next time,  web killed the video star? 😉