Brand Manager

Contrary to what the title of the blog suggests, this is not an amalgamation of a type of women’s lingerie and a type of social insect that lives in colonies.

I’ve always wanted to be a brand manager…. Ever since i got my first Johnson & Johnson gift on the 2nd day of my existence, it’s been my dream….

Why not, i say? It’s believable when actors, singers and sportstars say it, so i’m sticking to that story.  I’ve been a blogger for over four five years now, and many things have changed in these years… Google has changed from a useful tool to an online equivalent of oxygen, the percentage increase in the number of TV channels is second to only that of the rabbit population, Bush got elected..again, dammit.. and so on.. On a smaller scale, I’ve grown in my profession, and my childhood dream has been realised 🙂

So, what better reason than that to have a blog that only talks about work – and thus, without further rants, i present to you BRANTS – Rants about Brands…. Real, Virtual, Desi, Videsi and everything i can lay my virtual hands on…

Update: My interest in the worldwideweb has been on an upswing, thanks to social media and the entire philosophy of web2.0 – conversation, sharing, collaborating and hopefully, world changing: so, while I am an absolute novice at tech, you are bound to see a deviation from regular brand talk and into new services, websites etc.  As we say in Bangalore, please Grin and Beer 🙂

This deviation will perhaps be a recurring trend in this blog. As time progresses, brands, as well as people will need to adapt, even while retaining their core, to remain relevant to new and varied audiences. I firmly believe that stagnancy will be followed by redundancy sooner or later, and thus stems the thought, never to be a bland manager.

2 Responses to “Brand Manager”

  1. Just loved your blog. Subscribed!

    btw, i think you should have your own domain now, what say?

  2. manuscrypts Says:

    thanks anand 🙂 totally agree on that, i thought i’d wait for google to sponsor it, but that cheque might take some time 🙂

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