So, whats the big picture?

A long time back, I’d written a post on Reliance’s (the Anil version) plans and how they could end up making one huge value proposition. At the time of writing that post, there was an entity called BigFlicks. Though that sounded like a cricket shot description, its actually a DVD rental and video download service, which has since been renamed as BigFlix.

The competition in the space, other than the quite well known Seventymm, can be seen here. The reason for this renewed interest is the TVC that i have been seeing for the last couple of days. You can take a look here. Its quite a well made TVC which spoofs a few English & Hindi movies like OSO, Saanwariya and Matrix, and did manage to make me laugh. 🙂

Meanwhile, this is a post from long ago, that showed very well why an entity in the same space  – Madhouse (which has since been acquired by Seventymm. This is a story on the possible acquisition of Seventymm by Reliance) was funded.

While i understand the logic there, I am not sure if the competition has been defined amply. I, for one, no longer see the local DVD rental shop as competition. I see a whole bunch of rock-bottom-priced Moser Baer DVDs. Once i buy them, I don’t have to return them ever, and the cost is so low that I can even buy a movie which I’m not very sure about. And their distribution is quite good since I’ve seen them everywhere from Planet M and Landmark to Foodworld and Spar. Now, one argument would be that MB doesn’t have all the titles, but given this aggressive pricing and the response its getting, its only a matter of time before the other players have to match up.

So which need gap of mine is a DVD rental store going to satisfy. Or have i missed something totally here?

until next time, maybe I’m not thinking big enough


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