The future of the Internet in India

is mobile. That’s a feeling I’ve been getting for quite sometime. Take a look at the figures

Internet – 46 million according to the iCube report 2007

Mobile – 250 miilion, according to TRAI

I read two articles today which pushed me in this direction. One was Indiagames’ new mobile distribution deal, and the other was TringMe opening up its API for developers. While the first supports the title of the post, the second might seem contra, but i feel the development will happen more on the mobile front.

From a consumer standpoint, i see a convenience factor. While I am more a web fan than a mobile one, the sheer fact that i always have my mobile with me as opposed to my broadband connection explains the accessibility parameter. Yes, the amount of stuff i can access, and the small screen are deterrents, but i feel its a matter of time before that gets resolved. And yes, Facebook’s on Blackberry too, so…. 🙂

From a brand point of view, while the net does give a filtered reach, the population which would use the net on mobile would be just as filtered. Most of the stuff being done on the net, from vanilla contests to rich applications, I’m sure can be adapted to the mobile platform. And what better platform for a brand than an always on consumer’s mobile? Unlike the net, I can push stuff onto the consumer (all those malls now proclaim ‘Bluetooth Zone’. I dont think they’re aiming at my laptop, maybe because i wasnt carrying it?)

A convergence will happen, and for now, unless broadband suddenly starts coming out of taps, in India, it sees like the offspring will look more like a mobile than a comp. Wht d u thnk?

until next time, mob justice?

3 Responses to “The future of the Internet in India”

  1. Hey..that was a nice post. I specially liked your take on Facebook

    applications. Applications on Facebook have been gaining a lot of

    grounds recently. But very less achieve that “viral” status.

    This one, featuring the Bollywood hearthrob Shahrukh Khan has that

    “sticky” quality about it.

    It is based on the recent game show going by the name of “Paannchvi

    Pass” (I don’t remember the exact name. . . Shahrukh is God enough for

    me 😛 )

    Really liked the way they have designed the application.

    Would like to know your thoughts on this one.
    Will come back to this post soon.

  2. hey thanks.. will def check it out… any idea who developed the app?

  3. […] its only a matter of time before it becomes a separate category altogether. Like i have written earlier, the mobile is poised to become the internet’s saviour in India. Which is one of the reasons […]

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