There was this nice game we used to play as kids – join the dots. The context? Unless you’ve been living in a cave without a cable connection, the new Airtel ad should be coming out of your ears by now. No, not the ‘Having a ball at the border’ one, the new one where Papa is getting laid, sorry, getting the tracks laid, and the daughter just can’t do without his help in joining the dots.

So papa dearest excuses himself and concentrates on the task at hand, going dotty. Its a wonderful insight on why Indian Railways is the way it is. This is what they do when they’re supposed to lay the damn rails. I have a few questions – why can’t mommy help? Why does poor daddy, who is anyway having to work at night, get to do child care also? What kind of stupid dad asks a young daughter to go to the balcony alone? Unless the kid is an astronomer’s reincarnation (with full knowledge of her previous birth), how the h*** did she manage to understand the exact stars her daddy was talking about? Most importantly, what the h*** was this ad trying to say?

Kuch bandhan atoot hote hain, you can bet they weren’t talking about the damn rails!!

until next time, dotted for extra pleasure? 😀


8 Responses to “Dotty”

  1. Ha ha ha ha! man u sound seriously irritated about that one..:) emotionallllllllllllllllll ad hai.. mazak nahi uraneka.. he he.. but ya airtel seems to be doing their emotional stuff a little too much.. its soppy.. and there seems to be no end to it..

  2. emotional to hain… main bhi emotional ho gaya na…i think its a function of the frequency of airing. i’ve seen worse ads, but none with so much of money spend… 😐

  3. Would have made more sense if dad was a politician! It would have at least solve the mystery of what they actually do in life!
    PS: Were the tracks being laid? oops I thought the engine had some issues!

  4. hehe.. i saw some digging going on, hence the assumption of track laying..also, dunno whether they’ll actually bother to repair a steam engine 😀

  5. u hate tags.. but sometimes u just got to do them.. being so mysterious is not nice.. 😀 and watz your name? manuscryptssssssssssss.. ahem.. that cant be it.. so ya thats what tags are meant for..

  6. there’s abso no mystery… i’m guessing you haven’t been to my other blog.. you can find the link in co-branded 🙂

  7. Now that mobile phones are allowed in-flight (on Emirates), the sequel to this ad is about a boy who call his father who is a pilot in an aircraft. And the father crashes the aircraft. People jumping out from parachutes of the airplane form the Airtel logo with the soulful Airtel tune in the background:)

  8. client says parachutes should also have the airtel logo 😀

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