Of content being king

actually in this case, what triggered the post was a queen. For those of you who haven’t been watching MTV, do take a look at this.
While I’m not sure about the origin of their latest positioning (its my MTV), and how their content is fitting in, I’m sure that as far as their advertisers go, they’ve been at it for a while – creating customised ads for clients that pass on the client’s brand attributes in absolute MTV style. I remember the stuff they had made for Xbox, and recently, the Vodafone song, though i didnt find that very appealing.
In an age where every ad practically screams out for the customer’s mindspace, the MTV brand of humour is definitely a differentiator. I’m sure a lot of my friends might watch MTV to see glimpses of Rani Bonkeshwari (the link earlier) 🙂 , and that is where MTV scores a win-win. I really hope they don’t overdo it, and keep giving us stuff thats good.
and i bid adieu while you enjoy

2 Responses to “Of content being king”

  1. Hi there.

    I did the animation for the Bonkeshwari ad, originally written by Ayappa, a Promax-winning MTV producer (See his Porok Xbox ad on YouTube).

    I’m glad you liked Rani Bonkeshwari. Thanks for the encouraging post!

    Rohit Iyer

  2. […] attractive to the target audience for it to spawn a total of five versions.  I remember writing a post a while back on MTV’s customised solutions for brands. Roadies is a perfect fit for Hero […]

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