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Second Coming

Posted in Brand, Internet on August 1, 2007 by manuscrypts
The past several months has seen a frenzy in what is called web2.0 in general parlance, and the lions’ share of it is being done by and in relatively new entities… which has led to a few experts already snooping around for the proverbial bubble…
I’m not expert enough to comment on that, but i really hope there is no bubble 2.0, because i am not sure that this time around, the crowd that’s in the thick of things, is mature enough to handle it.. This is a good read…but oh well, we’re almost going into my other blog’s territory, so we’ll get back to what this blog talks about.
So, whats in web 2.0 for brands? Yes, wrong question to ask because its too generic, but still… viral marketing, buzz marketing, vblog, podcasting, social bookmarking.. yes, some things have been around in various avtars earlier, but perhaps this is their time in the sun…
So how helpful is the phenomenon of create, share, collaborate in the Indian context? With an internet population of 25-40 million (depending on who you quote) and with an urban penetration of less than 10%, does it really matter what web2.0 is when even the static web (or web 1.0) is yet to make a serious impact on Indian media/brand/advertising? Does the long tail of any brand have enough numbers to justify its’ venturing into the zone?
Even killer applications like bollywood, cricket, matrimony and other classifieds havent succeeded in drastically changing the fortunes of the internet in india, will this new edition of the web do it? Coming back, how best can traditional brands use this changing internet landscape to their benefit – by doing research and product development online? But thats a bit like blogs, and i personally consider that web 1.0. Building communities around the brand? Fair, but how many brands are like say, a Harley Davidson, in whose case the brand attributes make sense to build communities? But then again, HD didnt need the net for communities….
What will a Surf user/ Chlormint eater/ Clinic All Clear user talk online in a community on a larger timeframe? Will the stuf being created just fizzle out as fads? And there lies the real challenge, and to each band its own…..
and i bid adieu, while you crawl the web…