Dimaag ki Batti buch Gayi

I used to love the Mentos ad until

and i bid adieu, while you chew on that 😦

10 Responses to “Dimaag ki Batti buch Gayi”

  1. Oh my God!!! I am in advertising this is total plagerisim. and I share your sentiments, ‘I used to love the Mentos ad until’. now I wonder if the remaining ads in the series are for real!

  2. Adorable Pancreas Says:

    Oh, damn! That was one of my favourite ads.

  3. manuscrypts Says:

    dhivya: your agency, my friend 🙂

    AP: you are in a big crowd 🙂

  4. Do you think there is anything original in India apart from our rants and street brawls? You are under illusion!

  5. Oh damn! Mine too 😦

  6. OHHHH! this one’s quietttt disappointing considering it comes from the best agency in the country 😦

  7. hi

    bit of a help.. if you absolutely any other info on this iad like if u know wen this was made.. or the upload date on utube of this (might give an idea of when it was probably made) then please do buzz and send it.. would be really great.. thanks 🙂

  8. rajesh: wouldnt agree to that

    cherie: how’ve you been? 🙂

  9. tanaa: I’d uploaded the ad on you tube, didnt see any like this then.. the latest update is that O&M is suing the agency who made this..apparently theirs was the original 🙂

  10. Hey

    thanks a tonne for the info.. lol! OnM should give u a cut for exposing them… ha ha.. dnt leave them 🙂

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